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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about TightVNC, or experience a problem, the first place you might want to look is the TightVNC FAQ.

Windows Version

A brief guide how to install and get TightVNC runnng:

How to install and configure MSI packages, including an unattended (silent) installation:

How to configure TightVNC Server via the command line:

How to build TightVNC from a source code:

Java Viewer

Here is the README file from the Java Viewer distribution which describes all parameters supported in the TightVNC Java Viewer:

Install Remote Ripple, our new VNC Viewer for Android, perfect mobile companion to TightVNC!

Get Remote Ripple on Google Play

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More Software
by TightVNC Group:
[logo] TightProjector
An easy way to broadcast your Windows desktop to the local network.
New Site License: $99 for unlimited number of copies!


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